The Realm of the Satyr

A Community dedicated to world Mythology and Folklore.

Realm of the Satyr

Who are we?

We're the production crew of Mythosymphonical: Tanner the Storyteller, Nico the Composer, Grace the Writer, and Eric the Greek Expert. Together we make up Satyr Productions, a boutique production studio that makes audio book versions of the classic which we call Mythosymphonies.

Why join us?

This is a place for lovers of Mythology, Folklore, and Legend. Join because you want to meet and converse with people who are into the same things you are into. This is a niche network, we don't discuss anything outside of Mythology - this is your safe place to nerd out without people thinking you're a bookish weirdo.

Nothing without you.

We're quite literally made by our community. Without people who liked this stuff we wouldn't be able to make a living making this stuff, so thank you! You make everything we do possible.

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